NanoPure is a venture-backed operating company that has obtained an exclusive, worldwide license from the United States Government to sell and distribute NanoPure and NanoBOT’s nanotechnology platforms which kills air- and surface-borne mold, bacteria, and viruses at a 99.9999% rate of effectiveness.  NanoBOT is a patented nano-bubble and gas infusion technology, which is 100% natural and uses no chemicals to effectively treat water.

Junction serves as the Agency of Record for NanoPure assisting with overall brand management, creative, and marketing strategies as the company reaches Global markets across industry vertical.


Services Provided:

  • Logo Design
  • Website Development
  • Print Collateral
  • Strategy
  • Creative & Design




“Junction Creative has been instrumental in the development of our brand, marketing, and sales collateral as we quickly expand the business. They understand the importance of strategy and developing the right solution to reach our target audiences in Global markets. We look forward to their continued involvement as our business grows.”

Scott Alderson